Seafood Department

Fish, Lobsters, Shellfish, and Shrimp!

Fresh seafood is one of the healthiest of foods. Delicious and easy to prepare, it can be a significant part of a healthy diet. Seafood shoppers, take comfort that our buyers hand-select only the freshest, highest quality available, and carefully inspect everything we buy.

When possible, we purchase whole fish to be processed into steaks and fillets by our knowledgeable associates, and our fresh seafood will never contain additives, preservatives or flavor enhancers of any kind. Our seafood department offers:

  • A full line of Duck Trap smoked fish and seafood.
  • Store-made seafood salads, including lobster, prepared daily.

Our Fish Is Special

We get daily shipments, often twice per day, and we seek out the best seafood from local waters first.  Where else can you purchase shad roe in March, softshell crabs in May or tender, sweet Nantucket Bay scallops in November?

Fresh isn’t just a word to us … it’s what we’re all about.

Don’t Like Cooking Seafood?

Think of Eastside Marketplace as the place for all your prepared seafood needs. We offer a wide selection of ready to cook items, from stuffed shrimp to salmon pinwheels to fish kabobs.

Need an hors d’oeuvre in a hurry? Try our bacon-wrapped sea scallops. In the summer, a seafood salad makes a great sandwich or side dish. And our scungilli salad? Delicious!

A Lobster in Every Pot!

When you’re in the mood for lobster, we’ve got you covered. We always have plenty of “live ‘n kicking” lobsters on display in our saltwater tanks. You can pick it and we’ll cook it for you, and we can even ship it for you.

Don’t forget to try our own store made lobster salad. It’s delicious!