Customer Service


We double manufacturer coupons with a face value up to .50 cents. Coupons with a face value greater than .99 cents are redeemed at face value. We reserve the right not to redeem coupons that appear fraudulent.

Community Information Center

The Community Center is an in-store area created for use by community organizations and service businesses dedicated to providing information free of charge to our customers and to the community at large.

Postage Stamps

Need stamps? We are happy to offer postage stamps for sale.

Electric Shopping Carts

For shoppers who may need assistance getting around the store, we have two electric shopping carts available at the front of the store.


Does it seem like you are always running low on cash? Our ATM machine is located at the front of the store.

Western Union

Need to send or receive money fast? We’re a Western Union® Agent.

Lottery Tickets

We have your Rhode Island lottery tickets in-store.