Eastside Marketplace Believes

Together We Can Make a Difference


We believe community involvement is an important component of doing business. To that end, we’re happy to offer the Friendship Fund program, our primary vehicle for community involvement.

The Friendship Fund was established in 1989, and currently has over 150 active members. The Friendship Fund is a receipt/rebate program and is open to all non-profit groups. Participating groups encourage their members to collect Eastside Marketplace receipts. When those receipts are returned to Eastside Marketplace by the charitable organization or non-profit group, we make a donation equal to 1% of the total to that organization.

Eastside Marketplace is pleased to support community involvement and is dedicated to providing an outlet for non-profit organizations to distribute key information to the community at large. Space is available in the store without charge by reservation only. For information please call Luisa at 401.831.7771. We’ll do our best to accommodate your non-profit organizations needs to interface with our customers.

To become a member of the Friendship Fund please fill out the Application Packet.

Check below to see if your favorite organization or group is a member of the Friendship Fund. SAVE your receipts and mail them directly to the organization. Please DO NOT mail receipts to the store.

Pass it on. Spread the news and let others know how they can support local charities by saving their Eastside Marketplace receipts!