Artisan Cheese Shop

Milk’s Leap Towards Immortality!

With more than 400 kinds of handcrafted cheeses from the US and beyond, our gourmet cheese shop truly spans the globe. From the pungent and fruity French Morbier to the handmade three-milk La Tur from Italy to Great Britain’s number one cheese, Stilton, we’re determined to bring cheese lovers the largest possible selection of hand-made artisan cheese (and save you a trip abroad).

Don’t forget all the delicious accompaniments, like crackers and spreads, nuts and our delicious fresh fruit. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff look forward to helping you to create the perfect cheese platter. Come on in, spend some time, and sample our world of cheese.



Spread on any of our gourmet crackers, on a sandwich or use it as a dip.


Bake in one of our Brie Bakers and topped with our assorted gourmet brie toppings.


Perfect for any fondue recipe.

Award Winning!

The American Cheese Society is the leader in promoting and supporting American artisan and farmstead cheese. Open to anyone passionate about American-made specialty and artisanal cheeses, ACS encourages the highest standards of cheese-making while focused on safety and sustainability.  For example, they have deemed cheese like Humboldt Fog, a goat’s milk Tomme with a center layer of vegetable ash, to be an award winner.  We concur!

Always look for the seal to locate other outstanding award-winners in our cheese department.  Try one or all, and you will see why.

Local and Regional Favorites

For truly local and regional artisan cheese, Eastside Marketplace is your source.  Among our personal favorites is Shy Brothers Farm in Westport, Massachusetts, who make the sumptuous Hannahbells, a tiny artisan handmade cheese shaped like thimbles and packed with flavor. Federal Hill is home to Narragansett Creamery, makers of fresh mozzarella and ricotta.  Great Hill Blue, a full flavored, smooth tasting blue is made in nearby Marion, Massachusetts.  And we have a soft spot for regional favorites like Pineland Swiss from Maine, New York’s Hudson Valley Camembert and Vermont made Grafton Village Cheddar. These and other local and regional favorites are available to you in our expansive cheese department.