The Produce Department

Farm Fresh Fruit and Vegetables

Eastside Marketplace has built and maintains a Produce Department carrying the widest variety of fine quality produce anywhere in New England, sourcing only the freshest conventional and organically-grown fruit and vegetables from local growers and purveyors. Whether from five miles away or 5000, we offer each item with confidence and pride, the freshest and best available. Our Produce department offers:

  • Organically grown produce always guaranteed at the same price as conventional
  • Over forty varieties of store-packaged dried fruits, nuts and candies
  • Our own fresh-squeezed juices and hand-cut fruits and vegetables
  • Unique and hard to find selections from around the globe
  • Fruit baskets – and we deliver!

Why Pay More?

We don’t charge more just because others do. Yes, it’s true that organic produce costs a bit more to grow, but we think the price premium customers are paying in other stores is out of line. It’s just not fair. That’s why for over 10 years, Eastside Marketplace has been offering the best tasting, highest quality organic produce available, always at the same retail price as our conventional produce.  We don’t know of any other store to offer similar pricing for its organic produce.


Looking for something unusual?

Our produce department carries many different unusual fruits and vegetables. Go ahead and try something new… you may just like it.

Go Local

As a local market built on a foundation of community involvement, we are inherently connected to all our local farmers.  We remain firmly and whole-heartedly committed to supporting local farmers from Rhode Island and Southern Massachusetts who are continuing to bring us top quality and great tasting produce.