Grocery and Gourmet

All your Grocery, Gourmet and Specialty Needs

We carry over 50,000 products!   Eastside Marketplace is your one stop shop for all your grocery, gourmet, and specialty needs. From our dairy and frozen departments, always stocked with items that you know and like, to our grocery department that carries name brand and private label items, you can trust we will have what you need.  Just let us know if there is anything we can order especially for you.

No time to shop? Let our dedicated staff shop, pack, and deliver your weekly shopping order in our refrigerated van.

Local Yokels!

We love Rhode Island! Autocrat coffee syrup, Del’s lemonade, The Mayor’s marinara. We have a department loaded with all things local, helping us be good neighbors in the community and to support the local economy.  Our buyers are always on the lookout for great items that speak to our unique Rhode Island tastes.  Need a great gift idea?  What could be better than a Taste of Rhode Island food basket?  The recipient will thank you for your great taste.

Go Go Yogurt

Take a peek in our Dairy Department at our large assortment of yogurt!  Eastside Marketplace is proud to offer the largest selection in Rhode Island.  We carry the ones you know and some that you may not (yet!).  Give your taste buds a world culinary tour of healthy yogurt from around the world.   We carry all the varieties of yogurt — Greek, organic, Icelandic, traditional, probiotic along with enough flavors to keep everyone in your family happy.   Think Healthy!  Think Eastside Marketplace!

Talk about Gourmet!

Sometimes, it’s just a pinch of this or a little pour of that to take an everyday meal to the next level. For instance, we have varieties of olive oil from Europe, South America, and California to please any palate.  We also carry a wide variety of specialty and gourmet foods from around the country and around the world.  Try Stonewall Kitchen’s chutney, Lake Champlain chocolates, Sarabeth’s preserves, Morton and Basset spices and Carr’s crackers.  We can also help you create the perfect gift basket that includes those delicious sweet and savory treats.


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  805. It can be confusing searching for all the details regarding belly training online.

  806. Your waistline training bodice, when made
    use of between 2 and 4 hours a day, could possibly start to produce contemporary outcomes.

  807. Noting this in the graph offered within the book will give you a clear
    review of your progress.

  808. The judgment of guide refer to goals as well as maintenance as if waistline training and bodices are simply a
    way to an end, rather than a means of living change/subculture neighborhood.

  809. Idea: Never ever before be drawn in to link the bodice laces around your midsection as this will certainly set
    off a bunch of weathering on the outer fabric of your bodice and could ruin the interior boning.

  810. Waist training isn’t just using a waistline training corset or a
    waist cincher, it’s a life choice.